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"My wholesale halloween costumes generation never had role models that were uber curvy

That had cellulite, that wholesale halloween costumes were talking about it or posting about it. " says Ashley Graham. "I really wanted to create a role model for the next generation and let them know that they're not alone."

Back in 2016, wholesale swimwear Graham became the first plus-size model (as size 14) to land the cover of Sports Illustrated. From there, she scored Vogue cover, has a Barbie made in her image, landed a hosting gig with America's Next Top Model and has a partnership designing lingerie with Canadian retailer Addition Elle. "When I made my first collection five or six years ago, I never thought it was going be the little mini empire that we've built" she said, adding "I think that women of all shapes and sizes should be represented in every division of fashion".

Naturally, she has a wealth swimwear manufacturers of knowledge to aid women in how to seriously rock the lingerie they're wearing too. "Wear it with confidence; wear the right size; get fitted," says Graham. "A lot of women are wearing too big of a band and too small of a cup and a lot of times you need to go down on your band size and up on a cup. It's okay you don't have to tell anybody and just wear the right size," she explains.

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